The Three Pillars

BLUE lingua projects are in resonance with Nature’s Soundscape around three main pillars – with their associated symbols – on which will be defined the explorations and actions in symbiosis with biodiversity:

Techno Sounds

Social Sounds

Internet of Biodiversity

Blue Lingua Vision

Inspired by the study around the animal’s sonar (bats and dolphins), the radar of the project will focus on three sound areas: social sounds, technological sounds and an Internet of Biodiversity ™️ (an Internet of Things elaborated with sensors and applied to and for the biodiversity).

All projects will be linked by technology, analytics and sound correlations in all domains impacted in our society, like medecine, agrifood, bioacoustics, oceanography, ethology, neuroacoustics…

The bio-inspired radar of BLUE lingua can be viewed as below:

Soundscape study within the association, affects many areas and thematic linked to sustainable integration issues from humanity, technology or even societal behaviour and developments.

Scientific and epistemological critique of Artificial Intelligence must evolve from the standpoint of bio-inspiration, scientific discipline now standardized by AFNOR and ISO. The fundamental debate leaves considerable latitude to concrete and major achievements that BLUE lingua wishes to promote: Navilab-IoB as a first BIG DATA platform for biodiversity, “bats & dolphins” neuro/bio-inspired kits for a borad range of teachers and researchers, and new multimedia formats around animal intelligence that are disrupting the wildlife documentary (in partnership with TV channels).

Other partnerships with laboratories, educational institutions, engineers federations, collectivities and citizens members that will be fully invovled into the technical developments, will be orchestrated in the same tryptich ecosystem view:


A non-exhaustive list of fields of study will be around:

  • Spatial sounds 3D, BIG DATA platform for biodiversity,
  • Algorithms in bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence, applied to sound perception,
  • Harmonized modules of emission, passive/active recording of sounds/ultrasounds,
  • Echolocation sound and human/machine/animal communication with rhythm & musicality approach
  • Educational Kits to « see with sounds » , tutorials « bats drone »