Our Mission

In a world where soundscape is vital for human and animal communication, BLUE lingua co-explorers are participating in a new paradigm development, to restore balance for humanity in its natural soundscape surroundings.

The Genesis of the Project

The history around the blue project is about a « mirror » meeting where biomimicry plays a full role: studying the living world and its amazing engineered ecosystem, scientifically, technically et all those lessons you can learn out of the natural environment. We met at a synchronic moment that created a collaboration with the living world. It was based on a mimicry of life paths rich of diverse experiences, that shifted in teaming up like an ecosystem.

The urgency of a new ethic for the respect of the living at the human scale level, gave birth to an associative project with an ambitious vision, open to a new generation of co-explorers.

Sound: a vector of communication, through which humans singled out themselves about 100 000 years ago, before writing: vital for intra-species and inter-species communication, in a vibratory balance of all living beings. A linguistic understanding of the means of non-verbal communication, of this brainpower that our brain is made of, with the emergence of neurosciences, must be incorporated in the global coherence that can only redefine the integration solutions of a new kind of society, of human behaviours, but also intrinsically change our consciousness.

A Triptych Music Score


MARVEL at our world by experimenting, and experiment by marveling at a bio-inspired human integration: an experimental platform both natural and virtual, dedicated exclusively to biodiversity: an Internet of Biodiversity©


PERCEIVE with sounds: an ambitious research program, bringing together various scientific disciplines around technical sounds, and remaining scientifical questions to be answered.


COMMUNICATE with sounds: equipped with new human-animal interface, we go back to the very beginning of human intelligence to explore the foundations of Artificial Intelligence.

Blue Lingua Language

Raising public awareness about protecting our environment and its biodiversity, as well as the emergence of new fields such as neurosciences or exploration concepts, lead to clarify wordings, concepts and fields integrated into BLUE lingua projects. Set out a new path through a maze of scientifical processes, will be a permanent objective for BLUE lingua.

Bio-inspiration is as a change of paradigm that leads designers to get inspiration from Nature to develop new systems. Bioinspiration often relies on biomimicry, a discipline institutionalized by AFNOR and ISO, evangelized in France by CEEBIOS.

The expression bioinspiration is neither a translation nor a french adaptation of the term “biomimicry”, close expression but created by a group of researchers in North America. Bioinspiration is a more global and generalist term describing the processes (including cultural, musical and aesthetic) inspired by the living.

Biomimicry is first a « scientifical approach » consisting mainly in getting inspiration from the living to observe, modelize and therefore create artificial systems. Bioinspiration ethics is about encouraging technological solutions compatible with maintaining biosphere in a sustainable way. The solutions envisaged are taking multiple forms: services, organizations, management, industrial products, architecture, processes, etc…

The systemic approach once named cybernetics, is an interdisciplinary field concerning the study of objects in their interactions complexity with other objects, all having a capacity of perception and action, modelized by a founding concept: feedback. The analysis, the study and interpretation of the living world, from the standpoint of Artificial Intelligence, must happen over the shoulders of the universalist scientific founders: Alhazen, Darwin, Fisher, Wiener,…The systemic services represent ecosystems open advantages for human society.

The interdisciplinary fields will be a key for the project, with a desire to bring together, correlate and create a synergy under the « TEEN » ecosystem. An acronym to help finding synergies of communication between Technologists, Ethologists, Ecologists and Neurologists.

The main field of research is around acoutics, with all its interdisciplinary declensions such as neuroacoustics, bioacoustics, ethoacoustics, psychoacoustics etc. We could mention cyberacoustics as a necessary integrative and applicative field.

The study and analysis of living beings and our environment signal processing, shall be in coherence with the purpose of the project: find an orchestrated syntony between humanity and our biosphere. Among the specific fields, concrete actions will be federated around our mojo: « Vibrate in Syntony » (*)

Chronobiology is a field of biology that examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms, and mecanisms ensuring its regulation and alterations. That discipline focuses essentially in the study of biorhythms.

Musicality and rhythm in organisms, in modes of communication, will also play an important role in sound analysis.

(*) Syntony in broadcasting, is about setting a similar wavelength to a receiving/transmitting equipment. At the level of the individual, it reflects a total integration – and in the case of our project – a sound symbiosis with its environment.