Project launch « 🦇  Listening to the Greater Noctule Bats»

In partnership with Nedde city in France – Crowfunding

This is the first unifying project of Association BLUE lingua , that we invite you to help us in being part of.

🔵 Bats have a very special place in our association, and the Greater noctule is the biggest species in Europe that we decided to listen to in 2024.

Indeed, the Greater Noctule is rare in our territories in France and therefore hard to find and study. Great uncertainties weigh on its survival in our French forests.

🔵 We are therefore launching a first fundraiser to acquire specialized acoustic recording boxes in order to learn more about their language. Thanks to these boxes and field observation campaigns, our objective is to develop a specific method for monitoring populations of Greater Noctule :

Let’s participate together to listen to this incredible animal and give ourselves the means to ensure a sustainable environment in our forests.

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